bring the Chef to you


Easy on your wallet

We bring private chefs to your home - at restaurant prices.

Ingredients are included. Zero hidden fees.

Personal chefs have traditionally been for special occasions but far too expensive for regular weeknight family meals. Our chefs offer preset menus of their specialties (just like restaurants). They can confidently buy restaurant-quality ingredients in bulk. We pass those savings to you, preparing affordable meals in your home.

The fact that we can afford to do this on a weekly basis is mind-blowing.
— Brian E.

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Let someone else do the cooking

Home-cooked meals. ZERO hassle.

You’re exhausted just thinking about preparing meals for your family every night. With Chefit, you can book a personal chef who takes care of all the shopping, prepping, cooking, and clean up for you. The chef will bring all of the ingredients and kitchenware. Serve your family home cooked meals that are fresh, healthy, and delicious. Without the headache.

What an amazing experience!!! Chef Alexander was so friendly and professional. I loved that I was able to relax after work instead of heading straight to the kitchen to cook!
— Erika R.

Treat yourself to something new

Enjoy a new culinary experience. Right from your home.

Never get tired of eating the same meals again. Every personal chef owns a flavor-profile unique to their background, culture, and experiences. Discover new cuisines and learn about the food by having the chance to interact with the chef. With Chefit, being able to choose a new chef every time means you never have to worry about what’s for dinner tonight.

Got to talk with Chef Alan and he showed us how he makes some of his sauces. He got my kids involved in the process and they now like tomatoes and asparagus. Can’t wait to order again!
— Phil B.
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enjoy home-cooked meals

without all the cooking